Bob McCrillis – Fine Artist

My name is Bob McCrillis. I have lived in Siskiyou County for over 42 years with
my wife Annie and my son Zach. My art education background includes a B.A. degree in
Fine Art from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking,
in 1978. In 1980 I began teaching different art classes in the evening at College of the
Siskiyous in Weed, Ca. and the local high school. I taught different Design, Drawing, and
Life drawing and Printmaking classes. I have participated in Art in Public Places in
different capacities both in Siskiyou County and San Diego County. I have participated in
many art shows, both solo and group shows. My current emphasis is abstract water
photography, large landscapes, and working ranch/equine photography. I am constantly
working to improve my craft as both a photographer and a Fine Artist and have different
projects and clients throughout California and other states. I consider myself a fine artist
and a photographer. I like creating quality images in different media, mostly photographs,
which stimulate thought and wonder.
Ranching and cowboys have fascinated me my whole life. Now, as a
photographer and artist, my goals are to share my artistic endeavors with others who
appreciate the ranching lifestyle and to document the ranching lifestyle through
publishing books that will help preserve their history and culture. Currently, I am
working on a series of large photographic images and narratives of working cattle
ranches to bring appreciation and preservation of the cowboy and ranching
I have many Fine Art projects besides the Cowboy Lifestyle, two of which are
creating three dimensional pieces that use found objects such as bones, feathers, and
pieces of plants and trees. The other ongoing study is photographing moving water
running over objects below the surface with sunlight reflecting on the water and the
objects below. I am using these images to create large abstract photographic prints that
are well-suited for larger spaces to amplify the color and the light patterns and to create a
pleasing and calming visual design element in homes or commercial spaces.